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Hot tub removal and disposal is a job best left to the crew at Goodfellas Junk Removal. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment right away.


One of the best ways to relax in Tampa, FL is soaking in a hot tub! Not only does it feel good to get toasty in a tub, it can also help ease tension and relieve stress. However, if your hot tub has become a little worse for wear, it can prove to be an enormous eyesore. At this point, your hot tub is causing you more stress than anything else! Sounds like you need hot tub removal services. If so, contact Goodfellas Junk Removal for prompt assistance!

We are a local junk removal and hot tub moving company that proudly serves the Tampa Bay area. Thanks to us, getting rid of junk has never been easier. This includes hot tubs. To say goodbye to your old hot tub for good, simply get in touch with us, and we’ll be there soon with all the tools we need for the job! That hot tub will be gone before you know it!

Why Our Hot Tub Disposal?

Let’s make something clear: removing a hot tub isn’t exactly easy. It’s the sort of work that should be entrusted to professionals to avoid the risk of anything going wrong. For example, consider what might happen if you hire a crew of uninsured contractors off Facebook Marketplace. They won’t just have unprofessional appearances. They’ll also have an unprofessional amount of experience. They might butcher your hot tub, leave its components all across your yard, and even slice off a fingertip while trying to disassemble it. And the last thing you want is to risk liability because someone doesn’t have insurance.

Skip the hassles and go straight to the experts. At Goodfellas Junk Removal, we are fully trained and insured, and we’ve removed more hot tubs than we can count. When we come for your hot tub, we won’t create an outrageous mess, nor will we cause any unfortunate accidents. Instead, it’ll just be hassle-free removal from start to finish. You’ll appreciate our friendly service, and you’ll definitely appreciate the fact that we won’t give you any headaches.

Schedule hot tub removal services today, and we can be there as soon as today or tomorrow. Wondering how you can get started? It’s easy—either contact us online or call us at 813-669-7077. You’ll soon be speaking with one of our employees, who’ll happily confirm your appointment details with you.

How Hot Tub Removal Works

  1. First things first, please disconnect your hot tub from power and plumbing. We cannot handle this step for you, so it’s the only thing we’ll ask of you.
  2. After putting together a team and all the tools we need to remove your hot tub, we will hop in our truck and head your way. Expect our courtesy call about fifteen minutes before we arrive.
  3. Show us the hot tub so we can get a better idea of what we’re working with. Then, approve our upfront service quote, and we’ll be able to get to work.
  4. We’ll take apart and haul away the hot tub’s components, using blades to cut the tub into more manageable pieces if appropriate. We can even remove concrete floors!

Jacuzzi Removal

Jacuzzi removal is a tough job with multiple steps, but it’s never too much for the Goodfellas Junk Removal team to handle. Consider every component that we need to remove. We’ll need to go about removing hot tub jets, the side paneling, and the tub itself, of course. In many cases, our customers just want to get rid of their jacuzzi altogether. When this is the case, it’s easier for us to remove the tub because we can cut it into multiple, smaller pieces. Then, we’ll load them onto our truck and take them away to be recycled. Pretty simple.

On the other hand, you might just want the tub moved to a different location. Of course, we can help with that, too. We will charge according to how much manual labor we provide for this repositioning work. As always, please be sure to disconnect the tub from power and plumbing before we arrive. We do not handle this step for you, so having it already completed upon our arrival will save time for everybody.

About Us

Junk removal doesn’t have to be so soulless. Junk removal can be something more! At least, that’s what we believe at Goodfellas Junk Removal. We are a locally owned and family-owned business that takes pride in hauling people’s junk and making their lives easier. We treat everybody like they’re old friends, and what’s more, we do it for an affordable price, too. Your hot tub removal cost will be inexpensive and fair. No hidden fees attached!

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